Lola’s Hot Kitchen – Flagstaff Restaurant Review

Note: It has come to our attention that this restaurant has closed.

I really wanted to like Lola’s Hot Kitchen, but I honestly was not impressed.  The place looks great.  That location (located on Hwy 180 next to Late for the Train) has switched hands tons of times.  It’s one of those locations that seems doomed to fail.  So, I wanted to like it so I could keep going back there.  Unfortunately, I found the food rather “eh”.

I went with my family and we started with what they called “Wangz” which I assumed would be some sort of Buffalo Wings.  It turned out to be three pieces of chicken nuggets that came with a spicy sauce and ranch or bleu cheese dressing.  The nuggets were pretty much tasteless.  They were real chicken, but neither the chicken or the breading had any seasoning.  If it wasn’t for the sauce, I think we wouldn’t have eaten it.

Then, we each ordered a different main course.  My wife had a fish dish that used the same breading as the nuggets.  She said it had very little flavor and was happy that she had saved the ranch dressing from the appetizer (and wished she had grabbed the spicy sauce too).  It had a salad like thing on top that she said was okay.  For me, I had the ribs which were fine.  Not exciting, but not bad either.  It came with soggy fries (their oil was clearly not hot enough) that had no seasoning and colored cauliflower that also had no seasoning.  The kids shared the meatball sub and said it was good.  All of our plates had a massive leaf of Kale on it, so we took that home and hope to make soup out of it.  Kale looks nice, but really didn’t go with any of our dishes.

I have to say that all of the food was fresh and homemade.  The service was good.  The atmosphere was very nice.  The cost was fairly reasonable, maybe a little on the high side, but not too bad.  But, the main issue was that I found the food unexciting.


Restaurant Name:  Lola’s Hot Kitchen and Eclectic Grub (18520 North Fort Valley Road)
Restaurant Rating:  5.5 (out of 10)




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