Field House Chicken & Waffles – A Flagstaff Restaurant Review

It’s always great when new restaurants open in the Flagstaff area, and I had high hopes for this one.  I love to support the local restaurants whenever possible.  Unfortunately, I’m a bit torn on this one…

Let me preface my review by saying that I’m not the easiest reviewer in the world.  I am allergic to eggs and so when it comes to trying new restaurants, this allergy can throw a big hitch into what I can and can’t eat.  I find that this actually is a good thing sometimes.  When you go to review a restaurant and you order their specialty, you are more likely to get a view of what they say they are good at.  But, when you have an allergy and they have to think about it, you truly see what they are made of.  Lots of people now-a-days have allergies to eggs, nuts, wheat…  People always had these allergies, but now they know what they are.  This helps them avoid getting sick when they go out to eat.

With all of this said, I received a coupon to the “Field House…” in an email since I’m on the Taverna emailer list (and these restaurants are related).  I thought that it’d be great to try it out, but was concerned since Fried Chicken and Waffles both have eggs.  So, I emailed them back asking if there was anything I could eat.  I got a very quick response saying “yes” along with a blurry screen shot attachment of their menu.  I tried to read the menu, but couldn’t really (even after I printed it).  So, I decided to take the risk.

My wife and I went to “The Field House…” for dinner together on Sunday evening.  After looking over the menu, it became very evident that I would have some trouble with finding something I could eat.  I told the waitress of my allergy and asked about a couple of appetizers that we were interested in.  She went back to the Manager and asked, and neither of them were a possibility for me.  One she actually said they were out of…  She didn’t offer any other suggestions, so we dropped the idea of an appetizer altogether.  If she had figured out an alternative, we probably would have ordered one.

We then moved on to the main course…  I looked over the menu and decided that there were a couple of things that “might” have a possibility.  I asked about those.  She had no idea and went back to the Manager again.  She came back with uneasy answers saying he didn’t think so and to me that wasn’t an answer.  So, I chose one but said that she must make sure that the bread didn’t have eggs (otherwise I could be in the hospital that night).  She did come back and confirm it was okay for me and so did the Manager a little while later.  It wasn’t what I normally would have ordered, but I think it was one of the very few things I could actually eat on the menu.

I ended up having a Pulled Pork sandwich with waffle fries (and a Moonshine drink).  It was all okay.  My wife, who loves Fried Chicken, ended up getting their “Winner, Winner,…” fried chicken dinner with fried okra and mac n’ cheese.  My meal was fine.  Not exciting, but fine.  She really liked the chicken and compared it to what she’d get at Cracker Barrel.  She liked everything, but the mac n’cheese had green peppers or chilies in it that she isn’t partial to.  She said is was okay too.  For her, the meal was far too much food (3 pieces of chicken) and she ended up taking a lot of it home.  She asked the waitress if there was a smaller chicken meal that she could order next time, and the waitress didn’t really have any answers besides saying how great it is to take it home.  If there was something smaller, my wife would order that instead.

In terms of service, I’m really mixed.  The waitress, manager, and staff were all attentive.  Our waitress was friendly, but the whole egg thing seemed to really throw her.  It made me feel very uncomfortable.  I don’t like being a bother over my allergy, and I felt like I was.  They came back appropriately asking about our meals and if we needed anything.  So, barring my egg thing, the service would have been fine.

As to atmosphere, the place is nice looking.  The ceiling is very high and just like Pizza Furiosa (who was in this location beforehand), the place really echoes so there is a ton of ambient noise.  It makes it a little hard to talk.  When we first got there, there was music playing which was fine.  Then, about 10 minutes into being there, they turned on the Football game (it was Sunday) and the whole place got too loud with crowd noise, commentators, and commercials.  There are screens along one wall and over the bar.  It became a football bar when I thought I came to a restaurant.  I could see all the women in the place get disappointed that their meals became a distraction for their husbands too.  Not what I really wanted or expected, and looking around, I felt like the majority of the people eating felt the same way.

In conclusion, I guess I wasn’t really very satisfied with my meal or the service.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either.


Restaurant Name: Field House Chicken & Waffles
Restaurant Rating:  6 (out of 10)



The above restaurant review is strictly the opinion of the public.  Flagstaff Central will not be held liable for any bad reviews, nor do we support or have affiliation with any of these restaurants.  These are reviews and are therefore very subjective.  If you disagree with one, we suggest you review it yourself so our viewers will have the opportunity to choose.

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