BananaLand Play & Cafe – A Flagstaff Restaurant Review


Note: It has come to our attention that BananaLand has closed. We hear through the rumor mill that they may re-open at another location.  If this happens, we’d be happy to write another review!

The concept of BananaLand is awesome.  Having a cafe attached to a place that is for parents to bring their kids to play and be entertained, is absolutely amazing.  I look back at when my kids were younger, and would have died to have a place like this to come to.  They’ve created a fun area for kids and then made a very comfortable cafe next to it where parents can get some coffee, food, and use the Wi-Fi.  If I had had this, I probably would have spent many an hour there working on my laptop while my kids were entertained.  As I said, an awesome concept!

As to the Cafe part, I had heard that they were serving Mediterranean food, so thought I’d give it a try (even though I don’t have little kids anymore to use the play area).  I found the Cafe to be nicely designed and comfortable.  They have a big screen TV that was playing the news, and couches to sit on as well.  They also had a stack of games on a coffee table too which is a nice touch.  So, I must say that the atmosphere is really nice.

They have a nice menu that includes lots of snacky items.  You can get things like pastries, bagels, cookies, gelato, … along with a good array of drinks like coffee, espresso, and smoothies.  And, I guess, if you are only looking for a quick snack or something to have while your kids are playing, then this would be perfect.  But, they also serve Sandwiches and Meal Plates that are Mediterranean based.  The “real food” menu consists of Shawarma, Gyros, Falafel, and sides like Hummus.  Unfortunately, I was unimpressed with the food.

I ordered a Beef Shawarma sandwich (without tomatoes).  I had high hopes for it since I liked the place, but it was really, really odd tasting.  First thing is that they didn’t remember to take off the tomatoes so I had to pick them off.  But, the real oddity was that it had some sort of cinnamon or nutmeg flavor to it.  The oddest aftertaste from a sandwich I’ve had in a long time.  It also came with fries that were clearly real potatoes, but the fryer was not hot enough so they were soggy and limp.  And, I also ordered a side of hummus (which I got for free with a coupon) that was essentially boring hummus.  So, I guess you could say that I didn’t hate my meal, but I also wasn’t really satisfied.

As to pricing, I felt like the sandwich prices were too high.  I was actually a little shocked when my sandwich and daughters smoothie came out to almost $17.  The sandwich was over $10 which is way too high.  As I was sitting after, I was looking over their “to-go” menu.  I saw that the same sandwich was only $8.65 in it.  So, I asked and it seems that they had raised their prices that very day.  I think that is a BIG MISTAKE that makes it far too expensive.

In conclusion…  I didn’t like it.  I didn’t hate it.  The food was edible, but not very good (and too expensive for what it was).  But, the concept of the place is great for families.  That in itself redeems it!

Restaurant Name:  BananaLand Play & Cafe
Restaurant Rating: 7 (out of 10) – Mainly because of the play area.  It would be a “5” if it was rated on only the food from the cafe…!



The above restaurant review is strictly the opinion of the public.  Flagstaff Central will not be held liable for any bad reviews, nor do we support or have affiliation with any of these restaurants.  These are reviews and are therefore very subjective.  If you disagree with one, we suggest you review it yourself so our viewers will have the opportunity to choose.

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