The Sweet Life – Flagstaff Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant Name:  The Sweet Life (downtown, corner of San Fran and Route 66)
Restaurant Rating:  8 (10 being the highest)
Name:  Chris

Restaurant Review:    Not only is this place a decent place to pick up inexpensive route 66 (and flag) souvenirs, it’s a fantastic location for shakes, malts and great homemade ice cream. An example of the old soda bar type of establishment (places like drugstores that also used to serve ice cream and soda. . . like Walgreen’s and Thrifty’s used to be way back when), this is a must for anybody strolling around the downtown or just interested in having some cool, creamy and delicious ice cream-based treats. I’ve only been a few times, but if you ever find yourself walking around the downtown window shopping or showing friends/family around, be sure to stop here and grab a cone, shake or malt for the stroll. There’s nothing better than a warm sunny day and some creamy, homemade ice cream to munch on while enjoying the mileu of the downtown area. Forget going to any of the fast food places for a shake or the like, GO HERE INSTEAD!!! It’s much better quality and you pay close to the same price! Better yet, do whatever you can to avoid chain ice cream places like Cold Stone and SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES with your dollars. The chain stores are rich enough, do we really need them to put fantastic places like this out of business, as well? You can get swill like Cold Stone or malts from Wendy’s anytime. . . but, enjoying a bit of the “Sweet Life” is unique and must not be lost to needless, chain-store uniformity. Stop the Wal-marts of eateries, go to “The Sweet Life” today! @_@





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