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Biff’s is a decent place to get a good sandwich on a bagel, some juice or coffee, and assorted snacks. Their bagels are pretty good, not as good as NY bagels, but worth going to get. They also serve espresso drinks, but they aren’t as good as other coffee places like Macy’s. One of the things I really appreciate about Biff’s is their support of local animal groups. They have pet pictures up all over the place, and a pet adoption board as well. Very cool that they work with the community. The restaurant also hosts an Internet Cafe where you can get online and do other computer work. If you want a good bagel (and to take some home with you), nice atmosphere that supports the community, and a place to surf the web…I’d highly recommend Biff’s!!

Restaurant Name: Biff’s Bagel’s (just south of the tracks on Beaver St)
Restaurant Rating: 7 (10 being the highest)
Name: Anonymous

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