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If I was just grading this restaurant on the food, then I’d probably give them an “8”.  But, when you add in that the owner had a bit of a sour personality, the service was just okay, the “show” wasn’t half as good at Sakura, and that the cost was through the roof, I only give this place a “6”. I and the people I was with all really did enjoy our meals, but the other factors didn’t make it great. We actually had a coupon from Restaurant.com that the owner wasn’t at all happy to take it, and then even with the coupon I felt like the cost was far more than I expected. If I’m going to eat at that cost level, I’d rather go to something like the Cottage Place and really have fine dining.

Restaurant Name: Teppan Fuji (on Woodlands Blvd behind Wal-Mart)
Restaurant Rating: 6 (10 being the highest)

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