Pho CRQ Vietnamese Cuisine – Flagstaff Restaurant Review

I gave this restaurant a better than average rating because the food was good.  Nothing was really amazing.  We got a variety of dishes hoping to find that “wow” dish, but none of them lived up to that.  But, all of them were good too.  So, I can’t say that I would be drawn back there regularly, but will periodically go for a different kind of flavor.  It was good, but not great!

One thing that was a little odd was that it seemed like the owner (who was our waiter) expected everyone to order their own dish.  We ordered with “family style” in mind so everyone could taste lots of flavors (i.e. sharing all the different dishes), and he seemed confused about having to get us actual plates beyond what the dishes came on.  So, it’s not like a Chinese Restaurant that expects that…  Just thought I’d point this out if you are going with a group that all want to share…

As to decor, it’s nothing fancy. Just basic tables and chairs. It does not give you a feeling of being in a really good restaurant, but it was fine. They also have a little oriental food market in one part of the store, so if you are looking for some special sauce or noodles that you can’t find at the supermarket, you might find it here.

This restaurant actually was originally off Route 66 in the location that is currently Alpha Omega Greek Restaurant.  The owner moved out of Flagstaff to Winslow for a while, and then recently came back to Flagstaff.  So, if you liked the Vietnamese food in that location, it is the same place.


Restaurant Name: Pho CRQ Vietnamese Cuisine (2618-2620 N Steves Blvd in Kachina Square)
Restaurant Rating: 7 (10 being the highest)
Phone: 928-527-6809



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