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Restaurant Name: Hiro Sushi (S Plaza way. . .close to Safeway)
Restaurant Rating: 8 (10 being the highest)
Name: Chris
E-Mail: cantecleer_CW@hotmail.com


Restaurant Review:
While my own experience with having Sushi is quite limited (though I have been to Sakura and Ah-So in the Mesa area), I would have to say this is the best value sushi place in Flagstaff. What’s more, several Japanese exchange students studying at NAU that I’m friends with eat here, and find the food and staff quite okay. An even better indicator of Hiro’s quality is the fact that it is normally quite packed (the few times I’ve been, eating at the sushi bar was almost mandatory due to limited seating and a constant supply of customers). All in all, if you enjoy sushi (or even just good, well prepared Japanese food) and you don’t want to take out a new mortgage in order to eat at Sakura, this is nice alternative. It’s not completely authentic (though the staff/cooks/etc. are almost all Japanese), but as far as Sushi/Japanese eats in Flag go. . . this is the happening place to be. Screw Sakura and its uppity atmosphere and expensive (though excellent) food. . . come here for some delectable treats and food that’s good enough to attract people who’ve actually grown up eating Sushi and Japanese food their entire lives (my Japanese friends, of course). Don’t forget to tell your server “arigatou” (pronounced “air-eh-got-toe”) before leaving ^_^

One important note, on large orders (or with large parties), the staff tends to include the tip with the bill. . . just something to keep in mind.

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