Ewa’s Thai – Flagstaff Restaurant Review

I gotta start by saying that I really love Thai Food.  And, Ewa’s did not disappoint.  The food is really good.  I’ve been there a few times now and I have not had a bad dish yet.  They are a bit on the HOT SIDE, so you need to be careful when ordering.  If you typically like a “3” at other Thai Restaurants, then order a “2” or even an “1” instead.  Go lower than you normally would or you probably won’t like your meal.  I took some friends there, warned them, and they didn’t follow through.  It was too hot for them, and they might not go back.

I’m still actually searching for that core two or three dishes that I can recommend and order a lot (over and over again).  I’ve now had a few of their curry dishes and think I like the Mussamon (probably not spelled right) the best.  They have a mild dish in brown sauce on the Vegetarian menu that you can actually order with meat if you like.  It’s got a neat flavor.  I think it’s oyster or fish sauce based.  It goes as a really nice mix with a spicy curry.  The menu is pretty large, so I plan to keep trying and experimenting with different choices.

As to location, it is on South San Francisco in the building that used to be the topless bar.  This spurred a whole mess of really great comments on the name on FaceBook while they were starting to open.  I think my favorite was “Titty Thai”.  Regardless of how you feel about that, the atmosphere is very nice.  They did a good job remodeling it.  Simple and comfortable.  They also have these neat moving picture screens on one wall that my kids love to watch.  And, I also must say that their service has been great!

Restaurant: Ewa’s Thai (110 South San Francisco St)
Restaurant Rating:  9 (out of 10)




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