A Bit Different

We decided it would be fun to add a nebulous section on our site that is all about the odd and funny things we find over time.

Got something that cracks you up – send it along. We’ll be posting the ridiculous as we find it.

A Thought for the Day

“Is this the real life Is this just fantasy Caught in a landslide No escape from reality Open your eyes Look up to the sky and see…” Freddie Mercury Continue >>>

Web Tip: Vacation Rental Websites

Web Tip: Vacation Rental Websites

I’m not a huge traveler, but when I do I don’t like staying in Hotels.  Between the noise of other people and the confined space, I never feel comfortable.  Granted, if I’m only going somewhere for a night or a couple of days, then a hotel is best.  But, if I’m going somewhere for more… Continue >>>

My Cat is a Big Fat Thief

My Cat is a Big Fat Thief

Okay, so it’s rude to call my cat “fat”, but to be honest, he really is…  And, it’s even ruder to call him a “thief”, but he totally is…  Some cats like to take things and play with them.  Other cats like to rip things apart and ruin them.  But, my cat Eccho (say it… Continue >>>

Monkey Statue in Indonesia

Monkey Statue in Indonesia

I just can’t help but re-publish this picture that my good friend Dave McMullen took on his travels in Indonesia.  It’s just too funny! Continue >>>

My Microwave Rant

Okay, so I simply have to rant about the beeping that my microwave does.  Why do you think that the makers of microwaves think that every button and every feature on a microwave should beep, beep, beep,…  I don’t get it.  Do they really think that I need three beeps to tell me that my… Continue >>>

The Great Spinach Freezer Method

A few nights ago, we invited my good friend Karen Ely (who is also a client – A Woman’s Way) over for dinner.  While getting the food together, we were talking about all the different vegetables we like to cook with and ways we liked to use them.  You see, I had prepared bowls full of veggies so… Continue >>>

The Brown Sugar Fix

Okay, so I like Brown Sugar in my coffee.  I like to make myself a fancy Cafe Mocha every morning, and I like to use the very best of cocoa (Droste), a little bit of white sugar, and a little bit of brown sugar.  It comes out sooooo good! The problem I have is that even… Continue >>>

Funny Cartoons of the Day

I don’t know who posted these cartoons or where they came from, but whomever made them has a great sense of humor and I’d like to say, “Thank You for Making me Smile!”   Continue >>>

The Eight Hour Bladder

So, the average person should sleep about eight hours a night.  Some people need a little more, and some a little less.  But, what I want to know is why our bladders were only made big enough to last around four hours?  Of course, it depends a bunch on how much you drink (especially before… Continue >>>

This “Cracks” us Up

We decided it would be fitting to start out our new “A Bit Different” section with a wonderful picture from Debbie Leavitt who is a local artist and runs FiBa ( www.flagstaffiba.com ). This picture is one of a series of funny and amazing images she’s posted on her FaceBook account that was from “Burning… Continue >>>

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