The Brown Sugar Fix

Okay, so I like Brown Sugar in my coffee.  I like to make myself a fancy Cafe Mocha every morning, and I like to use the very best of cocoa (Droste), a little bit of white sugar, and a little bit of brown sugar.  It comes out sooooo good!

The problem I have is that even though the container is always sealed, the brown sugar tends to get rock hard to the point where you’d need a chain saw and a blow torch to get a spoon full.  Don’t know what about brown sugar causes it to do this since white sugar doesn’t, but the bottom line is that it gets to be like cement.

So, what’s the solution?  Years ago my wife (who is a genius by the way) told me to put a small piece of Bread into the container.  It always amazes me.  One little piece (like a half slice) in the container for a night and “whamoo” the brown sugar gets soft.  It gets even softer than when I first bought it and took it out of the package.  Don’t know why?  Don’t care?  It works…

Hope this tip helps you when you need a Brown Sugar fix!


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