My Cat is a Big Fat Thief

Okay, so it’s rude to call my cat “fat”, but to be honest, he really is…  And, it’s even ruder to call him a “thief”, but he totally is…  Some cats like to take things and play with them.  Other cats like to rip things apart and ruin them.  But, my cat Eccho (say it twice, it’s just as nice – Eccho Ecchooo) is a big fat thief.

Every time anyone leaves anything laying around the house, he steals it.  His favorite things to take are my daughters stuffed animals, but pretty much anything small enough for him to grab is at risk.  If you leave your socks out, he takes them.  Even if you don’t leave your socks out, he’ll go grab them out of a drawer or the hamper.  Leave your earrings on the table or counter, they are gone within minutes.  He’ll even try to take them right out from underneath you if you don’t watch out.

So, the next question is…  What does he do with it all? 

       Well, he puts everything in his food bowl, of course…

Here’s an expose of his exploits over a couple of weeks…







Please note:  All stuffed animals where put back away after each picture.  There are some repeats primarily because he prefers to steal those particular ones over and over and over again…  He’s a big fat thief!




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