The Great Spinach Freezer Method

A few nights ago, we invited my good friend Karen Ely (who is also a client – A Woman’s Way) over for dinner.  While getting the food together, we were talking about all the different vegetables we like to cook with and ways we liked to use them.  You see, I had prepared bowls full of veggies so that we could all make our own personal pizzas using this Naan bread (which I had found at Safeway that is really great) getting things all ready so we could all put whatever toppings we each wanted on our own pizza.  One of the toppings we had gotten together was “spinach”.

Let me tell you, as a kid I would never, ever, ever have eaten spinach.  But, more recently, I have found that I really like having spinach cooked into things.  I’m not a big fan of it all by itself, but made into almost anything Italian or even put in a pan with some garlic and tomatoes turns out really good.  So, I’m a spinach convert.

The main problem that I’ve had with it though is that it always goes bad.  The idea of buying it in the freezer aisle at the supermarket sounds disgusting, so I always go for it fresh.  The problem lies with the fact that typically if you buy it fresh somewhere (like Sam’s Club sells it in big tubs at a great deal) you get far more than you can eat before it goes bad…  So, what’s the solution?

FREEZE IT!  If you take the spinach right before it goes bad, clean it, and then stick it in a baggy in the freezer, it will last forever and it is a ton better than the freezer burned, globby stuff you buy at the supermarket.  Once it’s frozen, take it out and crumble it simply by squeezing the bag.  If you try chopping spinach when it’s fresh it takes forever, but if you crumble it when it’s frozen it is so easy to do.  This will give you the perfect bag of spinach available at any time in your freezer!  Try it!


I have no idea who told me this.  It might have been something my wife figured out (because she’s a bit of a creative genius) or it may have been something the lady at Delhi Palace told me (as we asked one night how they prepared their Saag dish – which is amazing by the way – a Spinach Masterpiece), but we now know the perfect way to save spinach…  I highly recommend trying the Great Spinach Freezer Method.

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