Exploring Windows 8

Microsoft is getting ready to release the newest version of the Windows Operating System, Windows 8 on October 26th. What does this mean to current Windows users? Will my current computer run it? What software will it run? Should I switch? What does it look like? We will show you around a Beta Version of Windows 8 and answer all of these questions and more at our next Flag Tech Talk.

“Exploring Windows 8 – A Flag Tech Talk Lecture”
Wednesday, September 19th at 6 p.m. at Kickstand Kafé
Presented by Bret Carpenter of Orig’native LLC

This lecture is part of the Flag Tech Talk discussion series that is held on the third Wednesday of every month. These technical lectures are designed to help educate regular people so they understand more about computers, the internet, and the resources available to them when it comes to managing their small business or organization.   They are sponsored by Flagstaff Central.com, Inc. and Orig’native LLC.  These are more personal discussions than lectures, and we’d encourage everyone to come armed with questions…!

Go to http://www.flagtechtalk.com for more information.

No Techno-Babble Allowed!

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