All About Android – A Flag Tech Talk lecture

“All About Android”
May 16th at 6 pm at KickStand Kafe
Presented by Bret Carpenter of Orig’native LLC

Android SmartPhone and Tablets… We will be looking at setup, security, and apps that are available in the Android network. The discussion will also cover different business uses that you should be using on your device. Discover the best ways to synch up your device with your Google Account so that you can have your Calendars, Contacts, and Files available to you from your Home, Business and On-The-Go. Feel free to bring your phone or tablet with you to start using your Android correctly right away.

The Flag Tech Talk lecture series are free discussions about technology for regular people.  They are sponsored by Flagstaff, Inc. and Orig’native LLC. They are held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month and are completely free to the public.  These lectures are designed to help educate regular people so they understand more about computers, the internet, and the resources available to them when it comes to managing their small business or organization. Come armed with questions…!

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