Target Marketing

One of the biggest challenges when working on Internet Marketing is determining what your target set of keywords are and then how to hit that those phrases with your main website. Often, when you take a look at your main website you quickly realize that it is all about the general information presenting your business or organization, and that it would be very difficult to go after the select market that you really need to capture.

This “Target Marketing” service is designed to go after a niche market for a specific topic, event, product, and most importantly – this service goes after a specific and defined set of keywords. We are not looking for global traffic, but extremely targeted traffic for a defined topic!

How does it work?

We design for you a ONE PAGE WEBSITE that is all about the specific topic you want to go after. We use the same design as your normal site, but we rename and reword everything. The entire content is geared toward the select set of keywords you want to go after. This can “target” almost anything that has a niche market that would be beneficial to you! Then, we blast it out to the Search Engines so that you get listed!

The whole concept is to create a unique, single page website that goes after the set of keywords or phrase that will make a difference to your business or organization! This is Target Marketing!

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