Security Option for Your Android Tablet or SmartPhone

Here’s a good tip to help you secure your Android Tablet or SmartPhone from theft…  Google built in a neat tracking and security feature in the newer versions of its Android operating system.  If you have an old device, then this might not work for you.  But, it’s worth looking into.  What it does is allow you to log into your Google account and find out where your phone is located.  And, it also allows you to “erase” that device if it has been stolen!


1) Go to [Settings] and find the [Security] section.  Sometimes its right there, and other times it’s under a [More] option.

2) Choose [Device Administrators].

3) Check the box on [Android Device Manager].  It will then prompt you to agree to the terms.  This will activate the service on your device.

4) Once it’s active, you can CLICK HERE and login to your Google account (using the same access info as you always do for any Google service like your Gmail…).  Once you login, it will begin searching for your Device and give you other options you can do with this service.

As long as the device is on you should be able to locate it, ring the number, lock it up, or even erase it.





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