Reformat your SmartPhone or Tablet – Start Clean

Don’t you hate it when your SmartPhone gets tons of glitches? Did you know that you can reformat most phones, putting them back to the original settings? It does wipe all your programs and data, so be prepared. But, it gives you the opportunity to start clean.

I just did one on my old Android phone (for my Mother-in-Law) and you had to hit the [Down Volume] [Home/Menu Button] and then hit the [Power Button]. This then brought me to a root directory that allowed me to wipe it! Then, I added all of her own Apps, Contacts, and Accounts starting with a clean slate!

I also just wiped my daughter’s tablet clean too!  A little harder to get to the root directory – the buttons you had to press were a lot harder to get – but it worked great too.  There is an option in the [Settings] [Privacy] area on the phone itself that allowed this too, but doing it from the root directory is cleaner!  I think in this case, I’m going to wipe her tablet clean every six months or so because as a kid she gums it up with all sorts of garbage.

Hope this helps you get your phone or tablet clean!

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