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So, you’ve got a website and it isn’t doing what you wanted…  What do you do now?  Do you keep pouring tons and tons of money into it?  Do you put on the breaks and dump it?  Do you start over? ….

We hear this questions all the time.  Many companies and organizations spend thousands and thousands of dollars building up their website presence and then don’t get what they paid for or what they thought they would from it.  And now, they are sitting with a website that isn’t getting any traffic or isn’t designed the way they want.

What’s the solution?  Have your site analyzed!

We are offering a new service where we sit down with you and take a look at everything you have.  It is far cheaper to spend a little time up front with someone and figure out what they have, analyze it together, and then create a plan of action, then to flounder adding new things or fixing stuff that you may or may not need.  This is NOT A SALES meeting.  If you want to use our services after, then fine.  We are always happy to get new clients, but this is not the goal of this service.  The Website Analysis service is all about helping you figure out what you have and empowering you to make knowledgeable decisions for the future.

Here’s some of what we can do:

~   We look up your Domain Name in the “Whois” and/or within the control panel of your Domain Registrar to make sure that everything is setup and clean.  For example – is the contact information for your Domain Name correct?  We’ve found people that don’t even own their own Name!

~   We can look at your Server Account and tell you what you have, go around the Control Panels (if there are any), and make sure all the settings are correct for you.  For example, many clients have Website Statistics available and simply never activated them.

~   We can review how you are handling your Email Accounts.  Make sure that they are working the way they should, are setup with the right preferences, and handle any email questions you might have.  We can also discuss ways of doing good Mass Emailers as well.

~   We can look at your Website Design and Files.  If you have the access information, we will go into the site with you and look at the file folder structure to figure out how it was designed.  We’ll tell you if you have a basic HTML site or if a programming language like PHP or was used.  This will help you know more about the inner workings of your site and find out how hard it will be to change and upgrade in the future.

~   We scan over pieces of your Web Code in a web browser with you to see if it’s ready for Internet Marketing in the Search Engines (called Search Engine Optimization or SEO) and tell you what needs to be done from a marketing standpoint.

~   We can review your current Internet Marketing Plan or help you create one if you don’t have one.  There are so many options for marketing and understanding what they are, the costs involved, and who your target or demographic is can be the most important things to answer for future success.

~   We can look over specific Functions and Features and try to determine how they work.  Often clients have things like online forms or shopping cart functionality, and have no idea how it works, whether it can easily be changed, or if it is even worth having at all.

~   We can review your Social Media and see if you are going in the right direction.  We’ll make suggestions that may help you expand your presence on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, …  Perhaps you should have a Blog too!  Or, maybe you should be doing videos and posting them on YouTube and your website.  We’ll help you look at all the social media and figure out how much you want to do, can do with the time you have, and then how to integrate it to function for your needs.

~   We can review your Website Statistics with you (if they are active) so that you know what kind of traffic you are getting, where it’s coming from, and what you might be missing.  Most people have no idea how many visitors they get, and this is a HUGE benefit of having a website.  Let’s make use of it and look it over together.

The whole idea of this service is to take a look at your entire web presence – see what you have been doing, and help you move forward in the right way.  We will help you get organized and knowledgeable!


If you are interested in this service, please contact us at 928-526-6991 or  You can also go to for more information about our services.


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