Never Have to Remember a Password Again

RoboForm is an awesome “Password Handler”.

If you are using the same passwords for more than one account, you are making a HUGE mistake – you are leaving yourself open to being hacked. This software will allow you to use “unique passwords” for ever account you sign up for. So, your bank account will be one password, your FaceBook another, … You would never use the same password twice with this software! It then allows you to “password protect your passwords” so ALL YOU NEED TO REMEMBER IS ONE PASSWORD. This makes you more secure and keeps you from having to remember a million passwords.

It also allows you to create Identities where you can fill forms out on websites with one click, can save your bookmarks, saves passwords for internal software, and you can even add your contact list to it. And, everything you add to it is saved on your computer as a unique files, so you can back it up easily for security purposes.

Awesome software! The trial version gives you limited usage, but you can try it out to see if you like it. If you do, the pro version is relatively inexpensive and well worth it!

To find out more, try it out, and/or purchase the software, click here.

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