Fill Series Command in Excel

I learned a new tip from a client today that really saved me a whole bunch of time working on something for him… I needed to do a whole series of dates and was not looking forward to having to type a whole year into a chart. When I described how it was going to work to the client, he told me about the “Fill Series” command in Excel.

Here are basic instructions:

1) Open a new worksheet in Excel.

2) Type in the date in the first space (which is A1).

3) Right-click on that date and choose [Format] if you wish to change the way it displays (in other words you could have it as 2/27/13 or February 27, 2013 etc…).

4) Click on that date field and either pan to the right (if you want to do this in rows) or pan downward (if you want it in columns) until you have highlighted as many fields as you like to fill in.

5) Go to [Edit] [Fill] [Series]. This opens up a pop-up menu.

6) Change any of the settings you want in the [Series] pop-up menu, and then hit [OK].

This will then fill in all of the dates for you in a series…

This can also be used for other things in a Series too including putting the Days in Order (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc…), consecutive numbers (5,6,7,8 etc…), even doing a row of dollars ($4, $5, $6, $7 etc…)… Very neat!

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