FaceBook Tech Tip

If you run a business and already have created a “page” on FaceBook or even if you don’t but want to make sure you have control of your listings, then you should also follow this tech tip.

FaceBook uses a wide range of databases to create automatic business pages. It’s their way of expanding the content on their site. Typically, if you have a business license with a legal address, then FaceBook may automatically create a page for you whether you know it or not. Thus, you need to search for yourself to see if there is an additional posting that you didn’t know about.

If you already have created your own page then it may also be necessary to have someone else (a friend or associate) search for you as well because while you are logged into your account the default when you search for yourself will typically only find your own page (i.e. the one your created). So, having a friend search and then email you the “link line” of this additional page may be necessary.

If you do find another page out there, then you need to “claim it” so that you can have control of the content. Currently the link for this is towards the bottom of the left column. The process requires you to be ready by your business phone. FaceBook will call the phone number on this page and give you a four digit pin number. You then type it in and officially “claim the page”. Then, it allows you to combine this new page (that you just found) with your official page (that you created).

This will effectively “clean up” your listings on FaceBook to make sure that only the information you want out there about your company is visible.

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