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Choosing Colors and a Font for your Website


  • Choose any colors you like: If you are having trouble, then I’d be happy to talk on the phone and play with a color wheel together.
  • Color Wheel: I just found a color wheel (but you can use any you’d like). Go to and play with it. The number will look like #50ebff which is a light blue – typically six digits of letters and numbers.
  • Color Scheme: I typically like to have “3 or 4 colors” on a website. Think of it as a color scheme. A primary color (is what I mainly need from you) and then 2 or 3 other colors that blend with it (which you can choose or I can). I’ll take all those colors and use them as needed on the site.


  • Primary Fonts: There are about 15 primary web fonts including Arial, New Times, Tahoma, … These are the ones that we normally use for “text” on a page in almost every software. I like Arial the best because it’s rounded – soft and readable. But, if you have a preference, just tell me.
  • Google Fonts: For all other fonts, go to and choose a font or two. These are “web based” and so the software can use any of them. All of the Google Fonts are also “free” so this means we don’t have to pay extra to buy them. These can be used for “Your Company Name” and/or “Titles/Big Lettering” on the site.

Wrote this for a client today and thought others might be interested…!

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