Fundraiser for Family of Local Hero

Local Flagstaff man willing to give his life for his family! Community gathers to support a local hero through fund raising efforts.

On January 8, 2012, in the early morning hours, a father awoke to find an intruder in his home. As he fought off the intruder to protect his wife and their young 8-month-old daughter, he was brutally stabbed nearly 11 times but never relented until the attacker fled their home.

After extensive surgery he is tentatively on the road to recovery and his family is safe. However this traumatic event doesn’t end there. This is a young family, just starting out and will be reduced to living off a single income until he can return to work. His young wife is facing the ominous task of caring for her husband, their child, working full time, medical & emotional care without insurance all while trying to make ends meet. And moving to a newer, safer home isn’t financially feasible just yet. While there are victim’s services that help with lost wages and expenses, there is so much  more over the coming months that isn’t covered. So their family is reaching out to the local community for support, care and generosity. 

The fundraiser web page is

Additionally a Facebook “Donate Your Status” event will be taking place this Friday, January 13th, to help spread the word.

Since the fundraiser started on January 9, 2011 the family is hoping to raise enough to help them move to a new home, cover the additional expenses and make up for the loss of income.  To learn more about this amazing story, and how the community is providing support please contact their family at:

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