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We recently attended the City of Innovation Summit and were part of the vendor fair.  This gave us a table/booth were we could talk about our services with the attendees and the public who came to see the Summit.  It was a very nice day and we had a slow, but steady stream of people who came to talk with us about what we do.

As part of our booth, we decided to offer a “Free Website Analysis” as a contest to draw people in to working with us.  The winner of this contest was Jason Bird from the Hopi Tribe Economic Development CorporationSo, we contacted Jason and setup a meeting with him to start looking at their website presence.

The meeting (i.e. the Website Analysis) was extremely productive.   We met in our offices downtown, and put up all of their sites on a big screen so we could look at them together.  It turned out that they had about five websites…  Technically, the free contest was just to review one site, but we decided to use the time wisely and did a full review of all of their websites.  Jason was avidly taking notes as we went through everything they had.

During the analysis we found lots of things that they needed to work on.  Some of the areas we focused on were reviewing all of their Domain Names.  We wanted to make sure that they actually “owned their own names” and that all of the basic settings and information was accurate.  We then went into their sites and looked at lots of the ins-and-outs of what they had.  Some of the things we focused on were making them look a little more professional and making sure they had the information they needed to be Searchable (like adding good Meta Tags – Titles, Descriptions, and Keywords – into the sites).  We suggested a bunch of features and functions they could consider for the future as well.  And, we also went through some of their social media and gave him lots of options to move forward with…  It was a great hour and a half meeting that should move them in the right direction!  The feedback we got from Jason was very positive!


Website Analysis Service 

We’d like to encourage local businesses and organizations to consider our Website Analysis Service.  Most people who jumped into getting a website or starting on social media, don’t even realize what they have, what they’ve done, or where they are going with it.  Our service does a complete overview of all of your online presence.  It explains to you key things that you should know in real language (not technical talk) so that you can feel more comfortable with your website needs.  We do not give you the sales pitch!  The idea is to educate you to learn what you have and what you could be doing with your Internet presence!

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