Flagstaff Cultural Partners Announces Grant Awards

Flagstaff Cultural Partners (FCP) recently awarded $284,550 in Art & Science Fund grants to local, art, science, and culture non-profit organizations.  These grants are funded from the City of Flagstaff’s Bed, Board and Beverage (BBB) Revenues. Along with the Art & Science Fund grants there was a new grant opportunity available for non-profit organizations this year. The Build Community grant offered funding up to $10,000 for arts, culture and/or science organizations that wish to engage, in a meaningful way, underserved populations.  The Building Community was evaluated on the following criteria: Quality of the Program, Impact on the Target Population, Ability to Complete Proposed Initiative, and Budget Rational.

Through these grant programs, the City supports local non-profit organizations in their efforts to enrich the lives of our community and our visitors through quality arts, culture, and science programs.  In celebration of these awards, FCP will host a public reception with members of City Council on Thursday, August 22, at 4:00pm in the City Hall Council Chambers. During the reception FCP Executive Director John Tannous will make a presentation on the findings of Arts & Economic Prosperity IV, the economic impact study of the non-profit arts industry in Flagstaff.  The study shows that non-profit arts and science sector is a $72,938,282 dollar industry. The study also showing that the Arts & Science Sector is a great investment, generating $7.6 million annually in local and state tax revenue.

“The citizens of Flagstaff invest in the arts and it gives back tenfold,” said Tannous. “Not only do the non-profit arts and science yield enormous financial returns and benefits to our local economy, but they also create a vibrant, attractive community where people want to live and tourists want to visit. Each of these organizations represents this power through their dedicated volunteer efforts to make Flagstaff the kind of town we all love.”

Flagstaff Cultural Partners is pleased to recognize and partner with 29 quality organizations that are actively working for a better Flagstaff. FCP also recognizes Flagstaff’s Mayor, City Council, City Staff and residents for providing this important financial investment through the BBB Revenue Fund.  This investment in the heart of the Flagstaff community directly impacts our residents with positive public programs.

Grants have been awarded to the following organizations:

Flagstaff Festival of Science   — $12800

Museum of Northern Arizona   — $30000

Master Chorale of Flagstaff   — $12000

Willow Bend Environmental Education Center   — $17250

Lowell Observatory   — $9750

Flagstaff Friends of Traditional Music   — $20000

Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra   — $26250

AZ Natural History Association / Elden Pueblo   — $7000

Children’s Chorale of Flagstaff   — $7000

Orchestra Northern Arizona   — $3500

Theatrikos Theatre Company   — $19750

Ballet Folklorico de Colores   — $4750

Northern Arizona Celtic Heritage Society   — $13500

Hozhoni Foundation   — $4250

The Arboretum at Flagstaff   — $24750

Flagstaff Community Band   — $3000

Artists Coalition of Flagstaff   — $6250

Heritage Square Trust   — $2500

Flagstaff Youth Theater   — $4750

Flagstaff Light Opera Co.   — $3500

NAU – Thin Air Magazine   — $2000

Grand Canyon Guitar Society   — $5250

Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival   — $6000

Canyon Movement Company   — $13250

No. AZ Studio Bella Voce   — $1500

USA Dance – Flagstaff Chapter   — $1000

F3 / K.A.R.E.S. Program   — $3500

Living Traditions Presentations   — $1500

Human Nature Dance Company   — $6000

Building Community Grant – Museum of N. AZ   —  $10,000

Building Community Grant – Grand Canyon Guitar   — $2,000


For additional information about the Art & Science Fund grant program, please visit www.culturalpartners.org.

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