FiBA Gets a New Website

Shop LocallyReliable Web Designs has been a member of the Flagstaff Independent Business Alliance (FiBA) for many, many years. This organization is all about “supporting local business” in as many ways as possible. They have a sizable membership of mostly small local businesses and organizations. The idea is to pool together their resources both to help our businesses run better and also to be a referral source for each other.

FiBA also has a monthly “Spotlight Event” that typically features a local business member (who gets to talk for a few minutes about what they do), has a nice networking time where we all get to meet each other, and there’s always some good food and drinks too.

Flagstaff Independent Business Alliance - FiBARecently, FiBA hired us to give them a new website. They were looking for something that gave them a new face, but was also user-friendly for them and their viewing public. We just finished and released the new site, and would like to encourage everyone to go take a look, become involved with the group by becoming a member, and join us at the monthly events.

Check out FiBA’s new website


Mission Statement: The Flagstaff Independent Business Alliance (FIBA) is a coalition of locally owned, independent businesses and community members working together to further develop the economic vitality of Flagstaff while enhancing and preserving its unique character.

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