Camp Colton Fundraiser and Event


Mountain Sports (Downtown Flagstaff) and Patagonia are hosting a SECOND fundraiser for Camp Colton to help us meet Camp’s 40th Anniversary/$50,000 Challenge Grant goal! We have $16,635.29 to raise before April 13, 2013… and to help with this effort…$40 will be donated to Camp Colton for each pair of Patagonia shoes purchased at Mountain Sports (24 N. San Francisco St. ¬ 226-2885) between October 4-18. The $40 donation is made possible through the generosity of Patagonia Footwear’s Advocate Weeks ($10), Mountain Sports ($10) and Camp Colton’s 40th Anniversary Challenge Grant Sponsors*($20 match). Funds raised will support Camp Colton’s operating expenses and benefit FUSD sixth grade students.   *Many thanks to the Robert T. Wilson Foundation, Wells Fargo Foundation, Stone Soup Foundation, Raymond Educational Foundation, Aspen Valley Golf Club, Dorrance Family Scholars and three anonymous donors.


Save the Date

Join Camp Colton on October 5, 2012 (6-8pm) for First Friday Art Walk at Mountain Sports (24 N. San Francisco St. ¬ 226-2885). Enjoy Camp-inspired treats, share your favorite Camp stories and “Step Up for Camp Colton” by stepping into a new pair of Patagonia shoes!

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