Arizona Tax Credits – Support our Schools and Non-Profits

As the end of 2011 is fast approaching, it’s time to remember that there are a number of tax credits available in the State of Arizona that will go a long way to supporting our schools and local charitable organizations.  Please take a moment to look over the options, and consider doing one or all of these donations. 

In most cases, you would donate to the school program of your choice or a non-profit now and then you would get one hundred percent of that back off your 2011 tax return.  So, it’s like giving money now to get it back a few months later – while giving you the power to promote and support the groups you like best.  It seems like a “win-win” scenario!

Arizona Tax Credits
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Public Schools – In most cases an individual tax payer may give $200 and a married couple may give $400.  These typically are given to a public school for a specific program.  Click here for more info.

Private Schools – In most cases an individual can donate $500 and a married couple may give $1,000.  These go to tuition based schools.  Click here for more info.

Working Poor Tax Credit – This donation goes to a qualifying “Charitable Organization” that does most of their services within Arizona.  In most cases, an individual can donate $200 and a married couple can do $400.  It’s a great way to help out local non-profits!  Click here for more information and a list of organizations that qualify. 

(Some of the local organizations on this years list are: Flagstaff Family Food Center, Flagstaff Shelter Services, Habitat for Humanity of Flagstaff, Hozhoni Foundation, North Country Health Care, Northland Family Health Center, and United Way of Northern Arizona)


Obviously, you will need to check with your tax professional as to whether or not you qualify for any of the above donation options.  You will have to make the choise yourself, but we highly recommend you consider them as a way of giving to local schools and organizations.

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