Grand Canyon Survival: Gear & Garb

We’d like to announce the release of a new Grand Canyon Survival eBook written by Tony Nester of Ancient Pathways (one of our long time clients).  He’s been writing a lot of survival oriented eBooks recently and you should check them out.  They are really informative and as an eBook the cost is very inexpensive!  Great information at a cheap price!  Can’t beat that…

Here’s some info about the new eBook:

Grand Canyon Survival: Gear & Garb
An eBook by Tony Nester

Grand Canyon eBook by Tony Nester, Survival Instructor at Ancient PathwaysThe Grand Canyon region is one of the most visited wilderness areas in the world. Many hikers embarking on a day trip or overnight outing are unprepared for the triple-digit temperatures, elevation gains, lack of shade and desert conditions associated with the inner canyon.

Grand Canyon Survival Gear & Garb prepares the hiker for backcountry emergencies that they may find themselves in while venturing beyond the rim. The book explains water and electrolyte requirements, strategies for coping with intense heat, preparing physically before your trip, essential survival gear for both short and long-term canyon explorations and the essential garb every desert traveler should have. Also covered are sections on common survival myths related to obtaining water from cactus and solar stills along with a helpful Q & A chapter for first-time visitors to the Grand Canyon region.

In a straightforward style, enlivened with anecdotes from his own extensive experience as a guide at the Canyon, Nester offers a practical book for both day hiking and overnight backpacking trips.Tony Nester, Survival Instructor at Ancient Pathways

Tony Nester has worked as an interpretive ranger, backcountry guide and field instructor for Northern Arizona University. He operates the Ancient Pathways Survival School in Flagstaff and provides training for the FAA, NTSB and military special operations community. Tony is the author of seven books and served as a consultant for the film Into the Wild as well as the Travel Channel, NY Times and Outside Magazine.

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