A Letter to our Clients Celebrating our 17th Anniversary

Joe-BodinTo all of my Great Clients:

It’s the 17th Anniversary of my company today!  I actually didn’t realize it until someone congratulated me on LinkedIn (thumbs up to social media), and then I got all sappy about it.  So, I thought I’d send a letter to all of my clients thanking them for being a part of it!

I started my company so that I could be an at-home-dad about a year after my daughter Cassie was born.  Now, she is headed off to college next year!  I feel so lucky to have been and to continue to be home for my kids.  Some of my longer clients that have been with me all these years will remember me walking around carrying a baby car seat to all of my meetings.  I did that for my first daughter, and then again five years later when Jessica was born.  I’ve been there when they needed someone to talk to, picked them up and took care of them when they were sick, have volunteered in their schools, taken them swimming at a moments notice just because I wanted to, … all while keeping my business running strong.  There aren’t many Dad’s that can have the opportunity to do this.  I feel blessed.

I have always tried to provide the best service that I could.  I hope that I have succeeded for you and will continue to to do so for years to come.  Like any other job or business, I’ve had my ups and downs while I’ve striven to meet the ever changing challenges in my line of work.  After 17 years of success, I realized this morning that I have accomplished my goals.  I felt it really important to express to you how much it means to mean that you want to work with me and have been a big part of this…  I realize that I can’t ask for much more…  So, thank you!



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